1394 and AS5643 Software - FireDiagnostic Suite

FireDiagnostics Suite 5.2 Series

This software release adds two new devices to the list of supported FireSpy analyzers, FireSpy3410bT and FireSpy3410bT1. In addition, the FireSuite API that comes with this software has been upgraded to fully support 64-bits environments. The Mil1394 Signal Extractor API has been extended with new functionality to retrieve the very latest values at any moment in time. Please refer to the full changelog of this software version below.

Key New Features

  • Support for the new FireSpy3410bT and FireSpy3410bT1
  • 64-bits version of FireSuite API
  • 64-bits LabVIEW support
  • New Mil1394 Signal Extractor API functions to retrieve the very latest values

Other Software Versions

Requirements & lifecycle

Lifecycle Initial release October 2013
  End of support October 2018
License   License Validation 13.10 (October-2013) or later to control a connected FireSpy
    Runs in demo/viewer mode without license
Operating Systems   Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7
FireSpy Models Gen1 FireSpy 400b, 800
  Gen2 FireSpy 410, 410b, 410bT, 410bT1, 450b, 450bT, 450bT1, 810, 850, 3850, 3852, 3470bT, 3410bT, 3410bT1, 3810, 3811, 810bN
  Gen3 FireSpy 1600, 3200
  Gen4 None


Release 5.2 (08/22/2014)


  • Enabled broadcast write on Memory R/W tab


  • Fixed FireSpy device selection dialog Ethernet configuration functionality

Firmware & Embedded Software

  • Fixed: do not set PHY sleep mode on analyzers with TSB41BA3D
  • Support for the new FS3410bT and FS3410bT1


  • Fixed Mil1394 XML settings without FireSpy connected

Protocol Editor

  • Fixed problem where custom protocols inaccessible without any protocol license


  • Fixed problem that caused application restart due to configuration change to fail

Symbol Recorder

  • Fixed FireStealth Symbol Recorder mode

Release 5.2 beta1 (10/31/2013)


  • 64-bits version of FireSuite API
  • Support for 64-bits LabView


  • New API function fsMil1394GetLastSignalValues()