1394 and AS5643 Software - FireDiagnostic Suite

FireDiagnostics Suite: A Complete Solution

The FireDiagnostics Suite is the software/firmware solution that runs on FireSpy as well as on its connected host system. The Suite is the most comprehensive collection of 1394 analysis, simulation and interface tools for a wide range of applications. Apart from well-established and hardware-assisted analyzer tools like Monitor, Recorder, Generator, Commander, Scriptor and Mil1394 Signal Monitor, the suite also offers a set of software tools designed to integrate the FireSpy products in a wide variety of testing applications, as well as extend customization of its functionality beyond the baseline feature set provided by DapTechnology.

The foundation for all software tools included in the FireDiagnostics Suite is formed by the Application Programming Interface (API). With its interfaces for development environments like C/C++ and LabVIEWTM on Microsoft WindowsTM operating systems, the application of FireSpy analyzers is extremely flexible. With its feature-rich function library, all hardware-assisted analyzer tools like the Recorder and Generator can be controlled as well as more low-level 1394 bus functions.

Another cornerstone of the FireSpy products is the unparalleled high-level protocol support. Besides the hardware-assisted integration of AS5643/Mil1394, the FireSpy also supports software-based analysis capabilities for consumer and industrial control based applications.

The different protocols require very different implementation details and are therefore very unique in their implementation. However, some key characteristics can be identified and are listed below:

  • Nested protocol header decoding
  • Protocol payload separation
  • Handshake verification
  • Logical grouping of related transactions
  • Separate protocol view
  • Protocol layer CRC and Parity Check
  • Customization of display details


Additionally, separate applications allow for the modification and extension of the factory default decoding and identification definitions. This extremely powerful and versatile tool enables experienced users to build on top of the standard definitions, engage in early prototyping and benchmarking of protocols still in the specification development process, as well as add proprietary extensions.

Mil1394 Signal Monitor

The Signal Monitor extracts encapsulated ASM packet contents and displays changing values as a function of time. Various graphical display elements are available.


The Commander has four separate functions: Topology, Memory, Packet S/R and PHY Registers. It is an interactive tool capable of querying remote nodes.


The Scriptor supports running user-defined scripts on the FireSpys' powerful on-board processor for test automation and simulation purposes.


The Recorder controls and executes the capture of data traffic as well as bus events. It visualizes the recordings in an understandable and logical manner.


The Generator controls generation of user-defined Isochronous and Asynchronous stream packets using the Isochronous or Mil1394 Generator respectively.


The Monitor provides a quick and easy indication of bus activity in the form of bus event counters. Counters are differentiated by type, speed and direction.

Symbol Recorder

The Symbol Recorder is a sophisticated and highly specialized tool for the decoding of low-level, Physical Layer events and signals on the IEEE-1394 bus.

FireSuite API

The FireSuite API offers custom application level to core FireSpy functionality. Integration into high-level instrumentation is made simple.

Mil1394 Player

The Mil1394 Player module allows playback of previously recorded AS5643 stream data maintaining original frame timing.


Higher-level protocol add-ons are available to extend functionality of the FireSpy functional modules. Data is decoded down to protocol level field values.