1394 Interface Card - FireAdapter PCIe082

1394 PCIe S800 Optical

The PCIe082 is an innovative interface design that addresses the need for 800Mbps data transfer rates over multiple bus interfaces. It allows for one standard 1394 copper as well as two glass optical fiber (GOF) connections. These Fiber connections support both the S800 transmission rates as well as long-haul distances (up to 100m) over LC Duplex 50/125um multi-modes optical cables.

And it uses the ever so popular PCIe interface standard and is fully OHCI compliant. The products accommodate off-the-shelf IEEE-1394 OHCI drivers from WindowsTM & Linux-based operating systems. No driver modification/installation is required.

For a more optimized API and/or operating systems without built-in support we recommend to use DapTechnology's FireStack. FireStack currently supports WindowsTM, Linux, VxWorks, IRIX and QNX. Please contact DapTechnology directly for operating systems not currently supported.

Key features

  • IEEE-1394b-2002 compliant
  • Supports S100-S800 data transfer rates
  • PCI Express Base Specification r1.1 compliant
  • 1394 Open Host Controller Interface Specification r1.1 compliant
  • Connect to LC Duplex 50/125um multi-mode optical and 1394 bilingual copper cables
  • Supported out-of-the-box by WindowsTM and Linux
  • Supported by FireStack on WindowsTM, Linux, VxWorks, IRIX and QNX

Block Diagram

1394 PCIe S800 Optical Specification

Dimensions: PCIe card, 91.3mm x 68.9mm x 14.5mm      
Weight: 60 g      
Operating Range: 0°C - 70°C      
Power Requirements: Will be provided      
Regulatory compliance:

FCC Class A

Class 1 laser devices


PCI Express r1.1

2 x optical LC-duplex

1x 1394 bilingual 800Mb

Indicators -      
Switches: 3 dip switches for Power Class, factory setting:"100"          
Part Number: PCIe082      
Optional Configurations: -      


HST: 8471.90.0000


1394 PCIe S800 Optical media files

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1394 PCIe S800 Optical documentation

No detailed data sheet for this product is available at this moment.

1394 PCIe S800 Optical software

Standard OHCI Link Layers and FireStack

FireStack® is DapTechnology’s homegrown 1394 software stack. Initially developed in conjunction with the company’s 1394 Link Layer Controller FireLink®, the product was architectured from ground up in order to support the advanced features of the FireLink® IP (Basic and Extended) solution. Since then additional mechanisms have been added to FireStack® to enable support for generic OHCI compliant Link layers.

FireStack® is an alternative to using general purpose SW implementations with standard OHCI I/O interfaces as it offers a more deterministic approach. Modern plug & play solutions are not always recommended for use in enclosed systems since they typically add undesired bus traffic, latencies, etc... The ability to customize FireStack® modules allows focusing on the task requirements without unwanted system, traffic and data overhead.

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Please contact DapTechnology or DapUSA directly by sending an email to sales(at)daptechnology.com for additional information about pricing and availability!