FireSpy® 1394 Analyzer Single Bus Series

Analyze your 1394 network!
Support for network speeds from S100 to S1600.
AS5643 compliant models with active transformer coupling.

FireSpy® Single Series -
End of Sales for Gen2 models

For 15 years Generation2 FireSpy Singles have been a cornerstone of standard IEEE-1394 as well as AS5643 bus analysis. They have been widely used for a long list of testing and analysis needs. As a matter of fact we dare to claim that many aerospace projects were only possible with the Single-FireSpy analysis capabilities.

Nowadays, Single-Bus FireSpys have progressed. The redesigned Generation 4 (Gen4) models have set new standards and represent a major step forward in testing capabilities and functional features. For several years we have provided older Gen2 models along with the new Gen4s. However, a recent component obsolescence does no longer allow us to offer the Gen2 models in parallel and under standard sales terms. From Aug 2020 these models can only be provided under special project terms which will effect price and lead time. Please discuss related terms with our sales executives.

Product Life Cycle Status

End of Sales FireSpy850 End-of-Sales: Jul 2020
replacement: TBA


End-of-Sales: Jul 2020
replacement: TBA


End-of-Sales: Jul 2020
replacement: FireSpy422bT
FireSpy810 End-of-Sales: Jul 2020
replacement: FireSpy430bT


End-of-Sales: Jul 2020
replacement: FireSpy430b


End of Sales: Jul 2020
replacement: FireSpy430bT
FireSpy410 End of Sales: Jul 2020
replacement: TBA