1394 and AS5643 IP Core solutions - FireLink GPLink

FireLink® GPLink

The FireLink® GPLink IP Core is targeted at applications requiring a replacement for commercially available general purpose Link Layer chips. FireLink GPLink has all A&D typical (and needed) functional blocks.

Targeted application

Several markets can make use of the FireLink® GPLink Core including Aerospace & Defense, Industrial, and Consumer Electronics. Examples of typical applications in aerospace & defense for the FireLink® include remote devices and their standardized interfaces (NDB, ....).

The industrial applications of FireLink® are quite broad and include robotics, machine vision, wide format digital printing and medical imaging.


Key features

  • IEEE-1394b-2008
  • Supports S100-S400 transfer rates
  • Replacement for existing Silicon
  • IP-Link Layer
  • Glueless interface to 68000 and Coldfire Microcontrollers/Microprocessors
  • Optional: Datamover Port for Isochronous RX/TX
  • Standard PHY-LLC interface
  • Configurable number of Link instances per FPGA
  • Ideal for RNs, RIOs, NDBs, ...

Platform Availability

DapTechnology supports its IP cores on a wide variety of FPGA families. At the moment of writing the following platforms are supported but please don't hesitate to contact us for the very latest information:

  • Xilinx (Spartan, Artix, Kintex, Virtex, Zynq, ...)
  • Altera (Cyclone)
  • MicroSemi (IGLOO2, Smartfusion2)


Please contact DapTechnology directly to verify availability of specific functionality on your target platform!

Design features and benefits

There are several advantages when using FPGAs to implement a complete 1394 Link Layer. Some of these are:

  • Single-chip solution: Optimized Link Layer IP thus creating smaller solutions. Additional components (CPUs, encoders, etc) can be added to create a System On Chip (SOC) solution.
  • Optional debug and test features: Optionally, the user can include debug and test features like BERT (Bit Error Rate Test), Low level data monitoring and recording.
  • Field-upgradable: The used FPGAs are field upgradable thus allowing the addition new features or bug fixes, even if the device is already in the field.
  • Cost effective ASICS: Once a design is finalized an IP solution offers a very cost effective path to spinning a custom ASIC. 

FireLink® GPLink media files

Currently, no media is available for this product.

FireLink® GPLink documentation


FireESDK Embedded Development Kit Datasheet

Download full FireESDK datasheet as a PDF


Manual & Design Guideline

Available under NDA only.
Please send an email to sales(at)daptechnology.com for more information.

FireLink® GPLink sales info

FireLink Extended License Types

FireLink Extended NetList
Development License

Status: active
Codes: ECCN: 3D991,  HST: N/A

FireLink Extended Source Code
Development License

Status: active
Codes: ECCN: 3D991,  HST: N/A

FireLink Extended Deployment
Deployment License

Status: active
Codes: ECCN: 3D991,  HST: N/A

Warranty (IP)

Standard: 12 months, limited.

Options: Additional 1-year Support packages may be purchased.


All IP products will be supported on a 24 hours response basis and free of charge during the warranty period. For support questions please contact: sales(at)daptechnology.com

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