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Explore extended possibilities for FireSpy
IEEE-1394 and AS5643 analyzers.

Integrated FireSpy Analyzer

Over the years FireSpys have been used in many different testing and environmental situations as well as in combinations of various computing platforms. Due to their standardized interfaces they are typically easy and effortless to install, set-up and customize. Nevertheless, several customers have preferred to have DapTechnology provide a complete out-of-the-box set-up that includes the PC. Especially for usage in harsh environments this process has saved them integration, verification and testing work. While these solutions are always customized DapTechnology tries to summarize them within the FireMatrix product line.

Especially DapTechnology's ruggedized enclosure hosting Gen4 FireSpys has sparked a lot of interest in the market as it now enables multi-bus 1394 data analysis within harsh environments.

Dedicated Solutions using FireSpys

FireSpys have also been used within dedicated testing solutions. For those, the typical FireSpy user interface has been either replaced or expanded by special high-level applications and GUI's well suited for the special testing requirement. The high level applications utilize the extensive functionality made available in the FireDiagnostics Suite APIs. A leading example is the Cable Tester which uses FireSpy hardware and software engines, but also the AS5657-ATE which combines FireSpy as well as FireTrac functionality within one system.

Product Life Cycle Status


Cable Test system CTS

Initial Release/Shipping: Mar 2010

Cable Connector Box CCB-A, CCB-B

Initial Release/Shipping: Mar 2010


Initial Release/Shipping: 2008

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