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Technology Innovator

Since its early involvement with the IEEE-1394 technology, DapTechnology has always been at the forefront of enhancements for the serial bus technology. A powerful example is that DapTechnology was the first to release an IP solution exceeding the S800 transmission speed.

Additionally, DapTechnology has always actively engaged in enhancing the serial bus stability, ensuring testability of the technology as part of the standards works as well as improving the customer's integration of products and sub-products in larger test systems. These efforts very much in line with the company's focus on serial bus related Test and Measurement (T&M) activities and knowledge gained over several years.

These efforts have resulted in DapTechnology being recognized as a key player in the respective industry, powerful IEEE-1394 and Mil1394 products as well as a number of related patents. This IP portfolio is evidence of DapTechnology's strong standing and commitment into technology enhancements as well as furtherance of growth and proliferation of IEEE-1394 and Mil1394.

Setting Industry Standards

Without any doubt DapTechnology's products have not only set new standards but also have become the preferred solutions for the integration of Mil1394 in A&D projects. FireSpy bus analyzers have been indispensable tools for all aerospace programs. We have just completed the migration of the FireSpy family to the 4th generation which features new and advanced functionality together with compelling expansion options for the ever increasing analysis needs. The 4th generation is a new milestone and will define the standard for Mil1394 enabled bus analysis for many years.

Equally so, DapTechnology's Mil1394 enabled interface solutions have not only become the prime platform for IEEE-1394 and Mil1394 data processing but have also pushed the envelope of Mil1394 data encapsulation and decapsulation to new benchmarks. FireTrac and FireAdapter cards offer two different levels of support for Mil1394 and together with the rich features of the FireStack SW stack both offer unmatched functionality.

In order to demonstrate the various benefits of the AS5643 products, DapTechnology has incorporated FireSpy, FireTrac and the ATE in the AS5643 Cockpit Demo. This show case study which contains key aspects of a typical AS5643 implementation with unclassified AS5643 Slash sheets and ICDs and builds upon COTS products and components. Make sure to speak to our experts on how this powerful demo or components thereof can be used to jump-start your AS5643 development project.

Featured Products & Services

DapTechnology offers a series of state-of-the-art products targeting predominantly the usage within Aerospace and Defense (A&D) applications. Our portfolio of analysis and interface products covers a wide range of IEEE-1394 and AS5643 needs. They will provide you with the tools to overcome even the toughest implementation challenges.


About DapTechnology B.V.

Founded in 1998 in Nijmegen, Netherlands, DapTechnology B.V. is a company specializing in products, systems and solutions based on the IEEE-1394 and SAE AS5643 Standards. Ever since, the company has been working closely with the IEEE-1394 and SAE AS5643 standards development organizations, strategic industry partners and key customers to develop world-class products using IEEE-1394.

Today, DapTechnology is an internationally represented company with customers located worldwide and offices in The Netherlands, the United States of America and Canada. The company also has key representatives in Asia, Europe and North America.

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