Innovative Solutions for 1394 and AS5643

multi-level and multi-stage
Testing, Integration, Verification

Solutions for IEEE-1394 and AS5643

A changing environment

DapTechnology’s products have a very long tradition in typical engineering processes. Analysis, design verification, simulation, testing have long benefited from the rich feature set of the FireSpy product line.
In recent years DapTechnology has witnessed a significant shift in the typical usage scenarios and the products. More and more used in the following environments: E&MD, P&D and O&S (which are typically terms used in the aerospace world but equally transfer over to other industry types). DapTechnology expects this trend to continue on and products for a wide variety of requirements will be needed on the market place. And therefore DapTechnology has formulated a long-term and concisive product vision and roadmap. 

A bold vision - FireDiagnostics Suite

The FireDiagnostics Suite, i.e. a multi-level, multi-stage Testing Solution for all 1394 analysis requirement, is not just data analysis oriented but involves all the different stages of testing and verification. It is intended to cover all the different stages of the entire product life cycle (from early product definition all the way to installation and repair in a product deployment phase). The concept of the FireDiagnostics Suite is a modular approach and DapTechnology has and continues to define building blocks that allow to sell individual products but also to incorporate them in a bigger picture.

Utilizing its core expertise (like data analysis engines, InvisiPHY, 1394b Link and PHY layer IPs) DapTechnology has put together a series of professional tools that can be used either standalone or integrated in more elaborate test environments. With this DapTechnology was and is able to assist customers in their needs to bring products to the market. Fast and cost efficient!

But DapTechnology's vision does not to stop there! New components (e.g. Signal Integrity Testing), new form factors and new platforms will allow to bring the term verification and testing to a different level. The ultimate goal here is to provide new and optimized tools for System Analysis Tasks (e.g. Cable Testing, Device Qualification and System Status Verification), Fault Analysis (Localization, Diagnostics, Characterization, …) and more. Components that then can be integrated in more advanced requirements (e.g. plant floor management, Quality Assurance and eventually Deployment and Sustainment (repair, etc.).
Obviously, the product offerings are and will be continued to be tailored towards the specific vertical market segmentation. Different industries require different features and functions. Please use the navigation buttons on the left to select the area of your interest.

Solutions by Industry

For many industry leaders DapTechnology has become the preferred strategic partner for planning and implementing innovative test, analysis and advanced 1394 I/O solutions. All of DapTechnology's products aim to reduce product development and testing times. With our unparalleled depth of expertise in the 1394 technology, we guide our clients through an industry leading set of intelligent and industry-proven test solutions and services. Here are some industry segments DapTechnology has been and continuous to be involved in:

           Aerospace and Defense

           Consumer Electronics
           Industrial, Vision, Medical
           Emerging Technologies

Solutions by Requirement

DapTechnology's products are used in many different ways. And we are proud to say that so far our tools have held up well to the most sophisticated and challenging customer requirements. The list below is intended to give a rough overview about the typical usage scenarios of our products. Please tune in again in order to see new additions to this list.

         1394 Protocol Analysis
         Device Verification
         AS5643 (Mil1394) Analysis

         Cable Length Extension
         Media Conversion
         Data Recording