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Mil1394 Topology Enhancements!

DapTechnology proudly announces the completion of a major milestone which will undoubtedly enhance the Mil1394 bus analysis capability of our products related to this technology! We have successfully enhanced the 1394 topology mapping and display capability which has been a cornerstone in the FireDiagnostic Suite feature set for many years.


Optical FireSpy 830bTO released! (copy 1)

With FS830bTO DapTechnology has expanded the FireSpy product portfolio and introduces the first version with a fibre optical media interface. The product features 2 optical ports (LC connector as well as a 1 clasical transformer couples copper port. The FireSpy FS830bTO is available for immediate deliveries.



Introducing FireProbe

WIth FireProbe DapTechnology introduces an innovative Mil1394 Bus Monitoring tool. FireProbe encapsulates existing FireSpy and FireTrac functionality into a portable form factor with usage specific user interfaces and control features.


FireTrac3445bT/3845bT released!

DapTechnology announces its latest FireTrac product release. The FireTrac3445bT and FireTrac3845T are native XMC versions in the FireTrac interface card series.


FireSpy4432bT/4832bT released!

DapTechnology announces its latest FireSpy product release. The FireSpy4432bT and FireSpy4832bT are the four bus USB3 versions in the Gen4 FireSpy bus analyzer series. The devices complete the transition from FireSpy Gen2 to Gen4.