FireAdapter 1394 Interface Card

FireAdapter 1394 Interface Card

FireAdapter is a powerful 1394 interface card family.
The cards offer unmatched features and functions.

FireAdapter - IEEEE-1394 Standard OHCI Host I/O cards

The FireAdapter 1394 Interface Cards are powerful interface solutions for applications that are pushing the envelope. DapTechnology is the only company that offers a IEEE-1394 solution that goes beyond the S800 speed currently available in COTS silicon. For this Dap deploys its own FireCore IEEE-1394 engine. The FireCore engine has been successfully used in and in combination with high speed industrial cameras.

Additionally, DapTechnology offers an interface solution for optical connectivity.

All FireAdapter 1394 Interface Cards in this category utilze standardized OHCI 1.1 host interconnectivity and are supported by FireStack.

Key features

  • IEEE 1394b-2008
  • up to S1600 transfer rates (depends on model)
  • single bus
  • copper and optical interfaces (depends on model)
  • various native form factors (PMC, PCI)
  • other form factor with carrier cards (PCI, PCIe, cPCI, etc…)
  • PCI Express 1.1 Host Interface,
  • Field-upgradable (depends on model)
  • Support for:
    • MS Windows
    • Linux
    • VxWorks


Product Life Cycle Status



Initial Release/Shipping: Nov. 2008


Initial Release/Shipping: Nov. 2011



EOL & EOM    

QuickSpecs - Configuration


PHY and number of buses Link Layer Connectivity (per bus)

Host Interface

1394PCIe Optical

1x TSB81BA3

3x TSB82AA2

Standard OHCI

2x 800b Ports

Optical LC-duplex

1x S100-S400 Legacy and S400b-S800b Port

9-Pin Connectors

PCIe 1.1
Single Lane

1394PCIe 1600

1x FireCore Extended IP Core

Extended OHCI

2x S800-S1600 Ports

9-Pin Connectors

PCIe 1.1
Single Lane