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Mil1394 Topology Engine

Analysis and solution to the enhancements of Mil1394 bus topology.

Bus Reset Disconnect Issue

Analysis and solution to the issue of node disconnects as a result of high frequecy bus resets.

Bus Reset Propagation

When Bus Resets appear faster than for them to complete will cause resetCount to become greater than 0 and therefore disconnect. This can be overcome by providing a customizable limit for the threshold triggering the port disconnect.

IEEE-1394 & Mil1394 Bus Diagnostics

This innovation describes a patented solution for a IEEE-1394 and AS5643 diagnostic module as well as a portable diagnostic module. Both are critical for advanced diagnostic and troubleshooting on the IEEE-1394 bus.

Performance Enhancement for AS5643

Exddecution of AS5643 functionalty can be greatly enhanced by embedding related functionality direclty in the 1394 Link layer, this benefiting especially in timing in resource limited devices.

AS5643 Gen2?

Can IP solutions trigger AS5643-2.0?

Getting Started with AS5643

Presents a starting point for the development effort for an AS5643 avionics network system and/or subcomponents of such a system


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FireSpy Value Justification

Why is a FireSpy Bus Analyzer a good investment and why are costs justifiable?
on request

FireCore Integrated PHY and Link
with Mil1394 Support

A Technology and Business Progression Outlook for A&D Programs




Information related to important Support topics

FireAdapter with Linux firewire-ohci driver

The firewire-ohci kernel driver included in the mainstream Linux kernel is not correctly detecting the use of a TSB41BA3D on the FireAdapter and therefore does not enable the workaround needed for what they call quirk SLLZ059.






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