1394 and AS5643 Bus Analyzer - FireSpy

1394 and AS5643 Bus Analyzer

The FireSpy 1394 and AS5643 Bus Analyzer defines
new standards for advanced data monitoring, recording,
generation, simulation and scripting.

FireSpy 1394 and AS5643 Bus Analyzer
A commitment to Technology and Innovation

The FireSpy 1394 and AS5643 Bus Analyzer is the most advanced 1394 test equipment in the market. Its seamless integration of the AS5643 protocol makes the FireSpy the preferred tool for many Aerospace & Defense development tasks. DapTechnology has taken considerable efforts to fully support the AS5643 protocol in all areas of the FireSpy. Furthermore, DapTechnology is continuously updating its analyzer functionality according to implementation requirements and ongoing standardization efforts. With its advanced functional modules for 1394 and AS5643 data monitoring, recording, generation, analysis, simulation and scripting, FireSpy offers the most extensive feature set on the market.

FireSpy is a registered trademark by DapHolding B.V.

A Mindset and Vision

At DapTechnology we breath - and dream of - "FireSpy". Since the early beginning of the company, FireSpys have been at the forefront of our corporate endeveour. They have been at the forefront of our corporate philosophy and the quest to bring leading edge into the market. Because of this, FireSpys have shaped the company in a way that wasn't thought to be possible. Even after 20 years, the 1394 and AS5643 Bus Analyzer is still DapTechnology's #1 product. It continues to spark excitement as well as innovation within the engineering team.
FireSpys are also a commitment for DapTechnology. They are a commitment to technology innovation, to highest level of quality as well as the promise to deliver products with outstanding cost-to-performance ratio. We pride ourselves to constantly add new features to the product line and make the analyzers even more powerful.

A Product Success Story

By all means, the FireSpy 1394 and AS5643 Bus Analyzer has to be seen as an extremely successful product. Back in the days of a thriving 1394 momentum, the first generation FireSpy was born and conquered the market. With their initial releases in 2000 and 2003 the FireSpy400 and FireSpy800 have defined new standards for 1394 data analysis. Its unmatched feature set and the outstanding price/performance ratio of the FireSpy has made it the most commonly used 1394 and AS5643 Bus Analyzer on the market. We have now reached the 4th generation in the evolution of FireSpy. They are more powerful than ever before!


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FireDiagnostics Suite - The SW & FW Engine

The FireDiagnostics Suite is the most comprehensive collection of 1394 analysis, simulation and interface tools for a wide range of applications. It consists of well established and hardware assisted analyzer tools like Monitor, Recorder, Generator, Commander and Scriptor. In addition, it also offers a set of software tools designed to allow the integration of the FireSpy 1394 and AS5643 Bus Analyzer series in a wide variety of applications. And if that is not enough, it offers several ways to customize its functionality beyond the baseline feature set provided by DapTechnology.

The Application Programming Interface (API) forms the foundation for all software tools included in the FireDiagnostics Suite. It offers interfaces for a wide range of development environments using either C/C++ or LabVIEWTM. And by supporting it on the Windows operating system we made using the FireSpy analyzers very convenient. All hardware-assisted analyzer tools like the Recorder and Generator as well as more low-level 1394 bus functions can be controlled with its feature-rich function library.

A cornerstone of FireDiagnostics Suite functionality is the unparalleled level of support for high-level protocols. With 1394 being the basic data exchange mechanism, many application-specific protocols have been successfully deployed. This includes the PC & storage environment (IPv4, SBP2), consumer electronics (AV/C, HAVi), Automotive Infotainment  (AMI-C) and Industrial Imaging (IIDC). In recent years, the Aerospace and Defense industry has adopted AS5643 which largely fueled the continuous growth of 1394.

FireSpy Hardware - Powerful and optimized

FireSpy hardware has gone through several iterations and we have now arrived at the 4th generation. We attempt to always deploy the best and most advanced technologies in order to provide the very best functionality to our customers.

With enormous amounts of data transferred on a 1394 bus, engineers need powerful tools to understand and analyze transactions between nodes. The FireSpy family of analyzers encompass small, powerful devices. Over the years, a rather large variety of analyzers have been developed in order to meet the industries' demands. With rising analysis demands also the analyzer platforms have been updated. Our latest hardware and firmware platform comprises the most powerful data analysis and storage platform so far.