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1394 and AS5643 Software Solutions

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1394 and AS5643 Software
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In-House Development

DapTechnology designs and builds its own commerciall available 1394 and AS5643 software solutions. Based upon our defense customer's requirements, market trends and evolution, new features and improvements are constantly being added and made available to you. We help engineers to work more effectively, supporting and enhancing the avionics products interface development and testing process.

Our team consists of experienced software engineers in the fields of Embedded Systems, Real-Time Operating Systems and Object Oriented Programming.

We deliver standard software systems that are flexible enough to be configured or tailored to fit into any defense customer organization and working environment. The software is made to fit the functional requirements and is highly optimized.

Long-Term Support

We realize that many of our customers are operating our 1394 and AS5643 software within the rigid constraints of large organizations and often within mission critical projects. They do need functional or security fixes but would often prefer to retain the same major version for an extended period without any new functionality. 

At DapTechnology, within the software development process and software release life-cycle policies, Long-Term Support is the standard. We take great care in ensuring that we are able to support any major software release for at least five years. And more importantly, software support for our hardware products even comes with Extended Long-Term Support as standard.

A FireSpy analyzer model released 10 years ago can still benefit from the latest software updates!

A Solid Choice

DapTechnology focuses on providing leading and the most feature-complete solutions for 1394 and AS5643 software in the market. Over the past decades, our software solutions like the FireSpy Analyzer software suite and the FireTrac API have become the standard within the industry.

It is our goal to maintain and further improve the existing software suits over the decades to come and to widen our solutions offering for 1394 and AS5643 software as well as related purposes.

With over 50 thousand downloads and a few dozen successful software releases we have shown to be a very solid choice for your 1394 and AS5643 related projects.

Show Case

AS5643 Cockpit Demo

Starting an AS5643 project with little to no experience in that area can be a challenging undertaking. Especially the fact that no reference implementations are available and most companies are only involved in the development of a single sub-system makes it difficult to oversee the complete picture. In order to address these typical problems DapTechnology came up with the idea of building a demo that contains key aspects of a typical AS5643 implementation with unclassified AS5643 Slash sheets and ICDs and build upon the company's existing COTS products and components.

The Cockpit Demo" is not a standalone product and rather utilizes various available building blocks, which - by themselves - will become key components any AS5643 implementation project. Therefore, any investment into Dap products will not only jumpstart the technology learning phase but will also result in products perfectly suited for the subsequent engineering efforts.

A cross-product example

Since the demo is well defined by its AS5643 Slash sheet and Communication ICD, it is possible to have different implementations for each node in the network on DapTechnology products or products from other companies. We are in the process of adding example implementations for each of the Cockpit Demo nodes to FireSpy, FireTrac and FireAdapter cards. These example implementations (FireSpy scripts and FireStack sample codes) are rolled into the releases of the respective product releases and therefore do not have to be purchased or licensed separately.

A continuous Improvement Process

The way we envision the AS5643 Cockpit demo is that it is never finished. Just like the AS5643 handbook is a work in progress to further gather real-world experiences and lessons learned, we would like to continue adding new features and demonstration aspects to this reference platform. We invite you as an end-user to provide us with any feedback or questions you have so we can incorporate that into the demo.

A reference platform

The AS5643 Cockpit Demo can not only be used as an AS5643 technology teaching tool, but as a platform for stimulating discussions that can further the evolution of the AS5643 Standard. DapTechnology has a firmware or software IP implementation for each layer from PHY and Link all the way up to higher-level software so that any possible changes to the AS5643 specification could be tested before finalized.


Currently Available Examples

FireDiagnostics Suite 6.0.8 and later

  • Scriptor scripts:
    • Cockpit Control Unit
    • Cockpit Display Unit
    • Cockpit Control Computer
  • Mil1394 XML Settings defining Cockpit Control Unit Slash sheet and ICD
    • Recorder decodes packets down to sensor values
    • Mil1394 Signal Monitor contains pre-defined signal definitions

AS5657-ATE 1.0.2 and later

  • Configuration files for automated testing of
    • Cockpit Control Computer
    • Cockpit Display Unit
    • Cockpit Control Unit

Example Node Implementations

FireCore-based Remote Nodes

FireCore IP on the Mil1394 Smart Interface board running Remote Node software on a soft-core Microblaze processor. Both the Cockpit Control Unit and the Cockpit Display Unit are simulated.

Scriptor-based Control Computer

A FireSpy Scriptor implementation of the AS5643 Control Computer. Where a Control Computer may normally not have a user interface, in this example the Control Panel can be used to monitor the bus.