Innovating Technology

IEEE-1394 based protocol analyzer systems,
diagnostic tools and solutions.

IEEE-1394b Training and FireSpy® Workshop

DapTechnology’s IEEE-1394 Technology Training offers a modular structure that can be adjusted according to the customer’s educational requirements. Three major building blocks form the backbone structure of the 1394 Technology Training.

  • AS5643 Technology Training (typically 1 day)
  • IEEE-1394 Technology Training (typically 1 day)
  • FireSpy® Analyzer Workshop (typically 0.5 days)
  • FireTrac API Training (typically 0.5 days)


The first part provides essential 1394 information for everybody involved in IEEE-1394 programs. It provides a comprehensive technology information package covering the different standards revisions of IEEE-1394, i.e. IEEE-1394-1995, IEEE-1394a-2000, IEEE-1394-2002 and IEEE-1394-2008. The training discusses architectures, cabling, interfaces, communication schemes, etc. An essential portion of this training covers the high-level communication scheme SAE AS5643/1 which was developed and architected specifically for deterministic avionics applications.

The other two blocks focus specifically on DapTechnology product hands-on training. In this workshop small groups of 2-3 students will get hands-on experience with the FireSpy® Analyzers provided by DapTechnology. Typical test scenarios will be discussed and students will have to resolve given tasks. The workshop will also deal with the Scriptor functionality in detail. Sample scripts will be developed by the students and the functionality as well as the quality of the implementations will be evaluated by the trainers.

Download the Training datasheet  in PDF