Accessories - PMC-Carrier PxIex4

PXIe x4 PMC Carrier

- 4-lane
- PMC compliant
- transparent PXIe carrier card

PMC Carrier PXIe x4

Looking for a way to plug your PMC mezzanine card into a computing platform with a 4-Lane PXIe slot?

Well, the CC_PXIeG1x4_to_PMC is your answer! It is effective, field tested and compliant with all applicable standards.

Specification PXIe x4 Carrier Card

PCI Express Interface number of PCI Express lanes, max speed 4 / 2.5Gbps
form factor standard height, half length

PXI Express Peripheral Module /
cPCIe Type 2 Peripheral Board

Bridge chip type Tundra Tsi384
compliance PCI Express PCI/PCI-X Bridge 1.0
  PCI-to-PCI Bridge Architecture 1.2
PMC Interface PCI width 32 or 64 bits
PCI speed 25, 33, 50 or 66 MHz
PCI-X width 32 or 64 bits
PCI-X speed 50, 66, 100 or 133 MHz
width selection automatic
speed selection semi-automatic (switch settings limit bus speed)
IO Voltage 3.3V
card detection -
compliance PCI Local Bus 3.0
  PCI-X 2.0 (mode 1 only)
  PCI Bus PMI 1.2
Power System to PMC 12V (25W), -12V (2W), 5V (25W), 3.3V (15W)
PMC card power 25W
consumption 15W
Device P/N


Compliance CE, FCC, RoHS, REACH

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