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Cable Testing / Communication Integrity Analysis

Do you need to test cables and cable harnesses? You will soon find out that simple continuity testing is not sufficient and that special attention has to be given to the high-speed signal nature of 1394 data transmission. And what can be better than real data streaming and simultaneous error analysis?

Currently the following products are suited and available:

Non-Intrusive Analysis

Are you aware of the importance and relevance of non‐intrusive 1394 bus analysis tools for usage in deterministic data networks? The dynamic bus arbitration scheme in 1394 results in a changing bus architecture whenever a conventional bus/protocol analyzer is added to the bus. While certain communication protocols (SAE AS5643) have been developed specifically to address this issue the fundamental challenge still remains: How can suitable test instrumentation gather data from the bus under test without affecting the system under test itself?

Currently the following products are suited and available:

1394 Protocol Analysis

Capturing, processing and presenting data from an IEEE-1394 bus can be challenging. Even more so when the critical information is encapsulated in higher-layer protocols. DapTechnology's protocol packages offer decoding capabilities not only on the IEEE-1394 level but also structure the payload information according to these protocol definitions. And the Format editor even allows to a) customize these preset protocol decoding definitions or b) define your own protocols.

Currently the following products are suited and available:

Low-Level PHY signal verification

On the physical signaling level, 1394 is complex. And without a suitable tool looking for signaling failures is a daunting task. This entire topic is at the heart of DapTechnology's expertise and sets us apart from our competition. Talk to us and we are willing to assist you in your tasks.

Currently the following products are suited and available:

Warning: This solution can only be made available to selected partners. NDAs and usage justification are required and subject to DapTechnology's sole verification and approval.

AS5643 Protocol Analysis

AS5643 protocol verification has two components: Firstly, the AS5643 standard only provides a framework for the ASM protocol. Intentionally it leaves details on field assignments unspecified and up to definition uniquely adapted and tailored towards individual projects. This requires tools that allow to expand and customize an existing frame protocol decoder. DapTechnology's FireSpys are such tools and the AS5643 protocol can be extended with the Packet Format editor and the Protocol Editor. And secondly, timing is crucial in AS5643. So specific Transmit and Receive Offsets can be added into the decoding functionality, thereby adding timing verification functionality which goes beyond what is typically available by just looking into the packet payload.

Currently the following products are suited and available:

Device Verification

Do you need to verify device compliance against standards? Would you like to extend verification functionality to custom specifications? Do you need to run tests repetitively?

Currently the following products are suited and available:

Cable Length Extensions

Are you cables too short? Do you need a specific connector? Please be advised that in 1394 and AS5643 there are a few pit falls and good quality cables are critical for signal integrity.

Currently the following products are suited and available:

Data Recording

Many industries have data recording recording requirements. Storing data for offline analysis, archiving, documentation etc. are very typical yet not entirely unique for the aerospace industry. Depending on the requirements such solutions can be built using off-shelf components and DapTechnology products have shown their suitability for that. The likely best approach is to use DapTechnology's IP solutions and tie these directly in the designated target platform.

Currently the following products are suited and available: