Mil1394 Player

The Mil1394 Player is a FireSpy application which is able to transmit AS5643 stream packets as recorded by the Recorder. This allows the user to recreate a previously recorded situation on demand, including dropped packets, timing faults and missing data. The Mil1394 Player can help reproduce specific use cases, which can be used in developing the system around it.

The Mil1394 Player imports the AS5643 stream packet data from so called regeneration files. These files can be created using the FireSpy Recorder. Recorded stream packets can be exported using the Export Packets dialog. Once the regeneration file is loaded into the application, settings such as channel selection and STOF packet generation can be configured. After that the stream packet data will be uploaded to the FireSpy, and it will play the regeneration file.

Key Features

  • Playback recorded AS5643 Stream data
  • Maintain original timing
  • Select nodes from file to play
  • Select channels from file to play


  • 4th Generation FireSpy
  • FireDiagnostics Suite 7 or later