The Generator can be used to generate large amounts of stream packets. It includes a powerful graphical editor to specify the sequences of stream packets that should be sent on up to 64 channels simultaneously. This can be done by using Generator Slots, each slot representing a number of 1394 cycles or AS5643 Frames. A packet will be sent once per cycle/frame. A sequence of packets can be loaded from file or generated from a template. For each sequence various options can be specified such as packet speed, packet size and header fields. It is also possible to set erroneous values for testing purposes.

The Generator has two modes of operation: Isochronous and Mil1394 Stream Mode. For Mil1394 Protocol users, the Generator can be set to Mil1394 mode from the device's Configuration Settings in the Settings Dialog, or in the Device Selection Dialog when starting the application.

Mil1394 Generator

The Mil1394 Generator is a specific version of the FireSpy Generator designed to be used with AS5643 bus systems. It contains the required functionality to perform AS5643 timed packet transmission, automatic VPC calculation and automatic Heartbeat incrementing. It also allows the user to insert erroneous packets into the stream for testing purposes.

Using the Generator it is possible to play data streams that normally would correspond to a single or even multiple Remote Nodes. This can be seen as static simulation of one or more AS5643 nodes on the bus. The Mil1394 Generator could also be used to perform a static simulation of an AS5643 Control Computer.

Key Features

  • Generate large numbers of Stream packets
  • Specific AS5643 Version Available
    • Timed Packet Transmission
    • Automatic CRC and VPC calculation
    • Automatic Heartbeat increment
  • Transmission of erroneous packets
  • Static device simulation