AS5643 in LLC HW

Since all of the commercially available 1394 silicon is “general purpose” and offers no integrated support for Mil1394 functionality all aspects of AS5643 standard integration are left entirely up to the software implementation. With the AS5643 requirements more specifically analyzed below, it can be summarized that Anonymous Subscriber Messaging (ASM) protocol encapsulation/decapsulation, STOF generation/verification, transmit/receive timing, parity verification, aircraft status monitoring, and others are all left to higher layer applications as there is no built-in functionality in existing silicon. For “simple” remote devices (like a sensor or actuator) this adds significant performance requirements, unnecessary complexity and consequently cost. Also, for more powerful systems like the CC, above mentioned tasks apply equally and are even more accentuated due to the higher throughput these systems have to handle.

The innovation describes a method for enhancing the execution of AS5643 functions within AS5643 compliant nodes, and more particularly to a method of attaching a self-contained AS5643 function block to one or more interfaces of an IEEE-1394 serial bus.


Any AS5643 device's performance will greatly benefit for more accurate AS5643 protocl timing, ASM protocol level encaplsuation/decapsulation as well as STOF generation/verification.

Patent: AS5643 in LLC

Title: Method for Enhancing Execution of AS5643 Functions

Number:  US 10,740,276

Assignee: DapHolding B.V. (parent company of DapTechnology B.V.)

FilingDate:  2019-04-19

GrantDate: 2020-08-11


A method for enhancing an execution of AS5643 functions within AS5643 bus nodes. Also, at the same time, the method reduces overall software requirements and complexity of the AS5643 functions. The method includes attaching a AS5643 function block to the one or more interface layers of an IEEE -1394 serial bus. The AS5643 function block includes firmware or hardware. Further, the method provides the function block with a programmable code reduces overall software requirements and complexity


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