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Introducing FireProbe

WIth FireProbe DapTechnology introduces an innovative Mil1394 Bus Monitoring tool. FireProbe encapsulates existing FireSpy and FireTrac functionality into a portable form factor with usage specific user interfaces and control features.

A new generation of Mil1394 Bus Monitoring

With FireProbeTM, a portable Mil1394 Bus Monitor series, DapTechnology introduces the newest addition to the DapTechnology product portfolio. With three IEEE-1394 nodes, the FireProbe brings DapTechnology’s industry standard AS5643 & IEEE-1394 protocol analysis features to a more portable form factor.

There is a clear need to extending the use of Mil1394 measurement equipment from aircraft manufacturing use cases to aircraft maintenance and sustainment use cases. This impacts the functional and mechanical requirements. And as Cyber Security concerns continue to be a top priority, there is a growing need to decouple Personal Computers (PCs) from measurement equipment in Aerospace and Defense development facilities. The FireProbe handheld bus montor is designed to meet this need, providing a secure and reliable way to conduct AS5643 & IEEE-1934 measurements without relying on a PC.