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Mil1394 Topology Enhancements!

DapTechnology proudly announces the completion of a major milestone which will undoubtedly enhance the Mil1394 bus analysis capability of our products related to this technology! We have successfully enhanced the 1394 topology mapping and display capability which has been a cornerstone in the FireDiagnostic Suite feature set for many years.

The new enhancements added reference topology verification and a typical A&D topology rendering. Together with other features they will form a new Mil1394 Topology packet which will be incorporated in upcoming releases on DapTechnology’s new FireProbe platform. Dap will also integrate the new capabilities on suitable DapTechnology HW platforms (i.e. FireSpy).

With this new feature set DapTechnology has responded to customer requests which we have collected over the years. We are convinced that these new functions will massively enhance and elevate the user experience as well as the understanding of the IEEE1394 bus within the A&D industry.