1394 and AS5643 Bus Monitor - FireProbe

Mil1394 FireProbe

Features for analysis and monitoring purposes:

• Recording
• Protocol monitoring
• Device analysis
• Troubleshooting
• ....

FireProbe - Portable AS5643 Bus Monitor

With FireProbeTM, a portable Mil1394 Bus Monitor series, DapTechnology introduces the newest addition to the DapTechnology product portfolio. With three IEEE-1394 nodes, the FireProbe brings DapTechnology’s industry standard AS5643 & IEEE-1394 bus traffic monitoring features to a more portable form factor.

There is a clear need to extending the use of Mil1394 measurement equipment from aircraft manufacturing use cases to aircraft maintenance and sustainment use cases. This impacts the functional and mechanical requirements. And as Cyber Security concerns continue to be a top priority, there is a growing need to decouple Personal Computers (PCs) from measurement equipment in Aerospace and Defense development facilities. The FireProbe handheld bus montor is designed to meet this need, providing a secure and reliable way to conduct AS5643 & IEEE-1934 measurements without relying on a PC.

Product Life Cycle Status



Initial Release: Jul 2023
Shipping: Jun 2024 (planned)

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With Field-Upgradeable Firmware, a range of key features can be enabled including:

  • Recording
  • Protocol monitoring
  • User-customizable control panels

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Vision & Knowhow

By adding standalone operation capabilities to our product, a wide range of new measurement possibilities can be achieved, which ultimately enhances the operator's productivity. Additionally, the scalable and user-friendly software environment provided with the FireProbe allows for operator customized user interfaces, providing a more task specific user experience.

DapTechnology is proud to deliver products that not only set new industry standards but also become the preferred solutions for enabling the integration of Mil1394 in aerospace and defense projects. Our analyzers have become indispensable tools for aircraft programs, providing reliable and accurate data to ensure successful development programs. Without any doubt, our products are trusted by military and aerospace professionals around the world to deliver top-of-the-line performance in even the most demanding environments.

Design Focus

At DapTechnology, we understand the importance of finding the right balance between providing adequate information to the FireProbe operator and offering a portable solution. That's why we developed a product that offers the optimal combination of convenience and functionality, providing users with the information they need in a format that is easy to use. With a 10-inch touch panel, the user interface can be customized to fit the operator’s specific measurement needs.

The inital FireProbe enclosure has been designed for praticality and ruggedness. Dap can further enhance the product offering and work with customers to develop certified enclosure models for specific environmental requirements as well as optimized enclosures with specific functional features.

Thanks to a detachable Solid-State Drive (SSD), data and detailed signal analysis can easily transfer to your desk and your work can be done using routine PC software tools. The FireProbe product can be extended with Hardware Encryption features to fulfill data security needs.

Customizable GUI

The FireProbe platform builds upon the key building blocks from DapTechnology’s existing FireSpy® and FireLink® IP cores, creating a powerful solution that meets the unique needs of our customers. We've worked hard to ensure that the look and feel of our tools remain intact, providing a familiar user experience that reduces the learning curve and increases efficiency.

The FireProbe GUI is built on a heavily customizable design approach and reuses the DapTechnology's Control Panel technology. The Control Panel was originally developed for FireSpy and thus has seen a wide industry deployment. Customers can leverage the provided library to develop their own application-specific GUI. The resulting configuration file is then deployed to the portable FireProbe device via the remoavble SDD..

In order to provide cross platform interoperability and consistency Control Panel for both FireSpy and FireProbe will get significant updates to support this functionality in upcoming months.

FireProbe - Profiles & Use cases

DapTechnology has identified a set of use cases which will result in specific FireProbe Profiles (combination of Software & Firmware variants). These profiles enable individual FireProbe "flavours" without having to change the underlying Hardware.
The mentioned use cases have been derived from discussions with customers and existing FireSpy and FireTrac users. However, they represent only a fraction of the features that FireProbe is capable of and DapTechnology wants to encourage all interested parties to engage into dialogue to further expand on FireProbe's use cases and consequently the expansion of the functional profiles. Please get in touch with our experienced staff or submit a request below.

Committed-to Profiles

The FP3403bT will - at a minumum - support the following profiles which are in support of use cases requested by customers.
Screen shots for the profiles will be added soon. Please ensure to check back in the near future as we will be providing frequent updates.

1394 Traffic Recorder

  • Storage of all recorded 1394 bus traffic on three buses by even unexperienced users
  • Storage to the local NVMe SSD using logical/guided on-screen capture controls
  • Data offload (via removable SDD) for extended analysis within FireDiagnostic Suite
  • Current implementation status: Alpha

Mil1394 Signal Monitor

  • Tracking of individual signals encapsulated in ASM packets
  • Customization of visualized elements with external GUI configuration tool
  • Graphical elements to allow creation of user-centric/optimized data presentation
  • Current implementation status: Alpha

Mil1394 Topology

  • AS5643-style representation of bus topology with comparison against reference topologies.
  • Display of individual node status and node activity.
  • Bus reset tracing.
  • Identification & isolation of misbehaving nodes.
  • Current implementation status: in development

Profiles Under Consideration

The following profiles are currently under investigation for technical details as well as the potential added value to our customers. Their implementation will be subject to customer feedback.

AS5657 ATE

  • Device Testing (e.g. RIO) by AS5657 compliant tests
  • Results tracking
  • Logging of Test Results

Cable/Harness Signal Testing

  • Selection of predefined cables/harness types
  • TX and RX of test packets via cable or bus segment under test
  • Verification of packet integrity and transmission errors (BitErrors) 
  • Logging of Test Results


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