1394 and AS5643 Bus Monitor - FireProbe3403bT/3413bT

FireProbe 3403bT

The FireProbe3403bT is the product variant with the default configuration of DapTechnology's new FireProbe product series. it is designed to support a series of functional profiles with embedded hardware/firmware support for this specific functionality.

The default configuration  consists of

  • D38999 bus connectivity
  • 3x IEEE-1394 bus nodes
  • 2x active transformer coupled ports per PHY
  • Dedicated hardware for timestamped transaction recording of all
    IEEE-1394 bus traffic
  • HW-supported IEE-1394 and AS5643 protocol level transaction monitoring 


Data Protection

Given the critical significance of Cybersecurity concerns, traditional interconnectivity methods (such as USB, ...) used for uploading collected data to a host (e.g., an analyzing device like a PC, ...) are no longer deemed acceptable or authorized in aerospace programs.

We worked out how to get large amounts of captured data off a capturing device without compromising data protection. In FireProbe DapTechnology addresses the requirement for end-to-end encryption. Besides the standard NVMe-SSD with standard encryption the FP3403bT can also be used in combination with FIPS-140 validated encrypted NVME drives.

Disk Access

By just removing a drive protection bay cover by loosening two thumbscrews the NVME drive can be easily moved out of FireSpy, moved to a secure environment, and there decrypted in a suitable drive bay connected to a PC. There the data can be analyzed within the feature rich FireDiagnosticSuite is standalone mode which many FireSpy users have become very familiar with.


For this FireProbe variant DapTechnology has opted for a medium-ruggedness enclosure.It is a compromise between sturdiness, associated weight and usability. The rubber shock absorbers on the corner will give the unit a decent protection.The ruggedness is targeted for use on the production floor or outdoor use without the explicit need to operate in harsh environments and mechanical withstand resistance.

However, the design can be altered to provide a much higher degree of ruggedness, shock and enviromental resistance. Please discuss this with our product specialists.

Life Cycle Status

recommended for new designs
Initial Release: July 2023
Shipping: January 2024 (planned)

Key features

  • IEEE 1394-2008 Beta
  • Supported speeds: S200-S400 Beta
  • 3 monitoring nodes with a total of 6 Mil1394 active transformer-coupled ports
  • D38999 connectors for 1394 bus connectivity
  • On-board dual-core 667 MHz ARM processor and programmable logic
  • Removable NVME-SSDD (250GB or larger)
    • FIPS-140 validated encryption for support of FIPS compatible drives
  • Recorded data format compatible with DapTechnology's FireDiagnosticSuite (no FireSpy Bus Analyzer is needed for data viewing) 
  • GUI Builder for WindowsTM Operating Systems
  • Powerful software provides:
    • Mil1394 Traffic Recorder
    • Mil1394 Signal Monitor
    • Mil1394 Topology (under development)


Block diagram

FireProbe 3403bT


308 x 183x 77mm (WxDxH)
299 x 173 x 60 mm (without corner bumpers)

Weight: ~3.3 kg
Power Requirements: ~12 W
Regulatory compliance: FCC Class A , CE

2x D38999 connectors for bus connections

1x D38999 connector for PWR

TFT Screen:


1280 x 800 px resolution
850cd/m2 brightness 
Industrial projected capacitive touch screen
Switches: Soft power-button for PWR On/Off
Part Number:

FP3403BT (FireProbe with standard non-FIPS TCG Opal NVME drive)
  - a FIPS-140 verified drive can be purchased seperately


ECCN: 3A992.a

HTS: 8471.90.0000

FireProbe 3403bT media files

Product Image(s)

FireProbe 3403bT documentation


A FireProbe3403bT datasheet will be available for download in due time.

FireProbe 3403bT sales info

Package Contents

  • FireProbe3403bT
  • Switching AC/DC Power Supply 
  • External NVME drive bay

Available Accessories:

  • FIPS-140 validated NVME-SSD (250GB or larger)
  • D38999-no-termination 5/10/15/25ft length - Quadrax 26 gauge
  • ...

Delivery time

Currently ~6 months. Please contact sales(at)daptechnology.com for more detailed information.


Standard: 48 months, limited.

Options: Additional 1-year SW/FW Support packages may be purchased.


All products will be supported on a 24 hours response basis and free of charge during the warranty period. For support questions please contact: sales(at)daptechnology.com
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FireProbe Software

Leveraging the field-proven FireSpy® Software, the DapTechnology control panel technology has been optimized for use in the FireProbe embedded software environment. By design, the FireProbe user experience is highly customizable with regards to visualization and control elements to match specific user needs. The chosen design provides a highly customizable framework and the tools to tailor towards specific operator tasks.

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) builder PC tool can be used to create and modify operator specific screens for specific and unique operator tasks. Enabling our customers to build operator specific data views will result in better data-protection, higher operator productivity and lower training cost. This operator specific customization can be done by the customer supported by DapTechnology’s partners (DapUSA). The benefit of this approach is that only FireProbe configuration files will be exchanged between the configuration environment and the FireProbe device by using the NVMe SSD as transportation medium.

The required know-how of the specific aerospace program can not only be kept at a minimum but also geographically contained, which is of critical importance when dealing with export-controlled information. The idea is that none of this controlled information needs to flow back to DapTechnology's design team but can be entirely handled by DapUSA Inc. (fully US owned, US staff only, NIST800-171 compliant) as a contracted design service. 

Another important aspect is that the mentioned configuration files are always encrypted and cannot be altered on the FireProbe device themselves or on any other device. So no FireProbe user can access information that he has not been authorized to. This creates an extremely efficient mechanism for data protection but also for limiting the depth of information presentation.


FireDiagnostics Suite

The FireDiagnostics Suite is the most comprehensive collection of 1394 analysis, simulation and interface tools for a wide range of applications. Apart from well established and hardware assisted FireSpy analyzer tools like Monitor, Recorder, Generator, Commander, Scriptor and Mil1394 Signal Monitor, the suite also offers a set of software tools designed to work in a stand-alone mode (i.e. without a FireSpy analyzer connected). In this mode the Suite is able to open and analyze data sets captured by compatible devices and in particluar FireProbe. 

Protocol Support

A cornerstone of FireDiagnostics Suite functionality is the unparalleled level of support for high-level protocols. With IEEE-1394 being the basic data exchange mechanism application specific protocols for the PC & storage environment (IPv4, SBP2), consumer electronics (AV/C, HAVi), Automotive Infotainment (AMI-C), Industrial Imaging (IIDC) have been successfully deployed. In recent years AS5643 has been adopted for use within Aerospace and Defense and largely fueled the continuous growth of IEEE-1394.