1394 and AS5643 Software - FireDiagnostic Suite

FireDiagnostics Suite 5.1 Series

This software release enables the user to use multiple FireSpy analyzers to form a single multi-bus Recorder. By using three FS3852 devices interconnected with a time synchronization cable, a full 9-bus recorder can be made. To better display and organize the resulting increased amounts of data, the Recorder Views can now be undocked from the main Recorder Window and spread out over multiple monitors. Please refer to the full changelog below for more details.

Key New Features

  • Control Multiple FireSpy analyzers within a single Recorder application (FS385x only)
  • Mil1394 Signal Monitor Improvements

Other Software Versions

Requirements & lifecycle

Lifecycle Initial release April 2013
  End of support April 2018
License   License Validation 13.4 (April-2013) or later to control a connected FireSpy
    Runs in demo/viewer mode without license
Operating Systems   Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7
FireSpy Models Gen1 FireSpy 400b, 800
  Gen2 FireSpy 410, 410b, 410bT, 410bT1, 450b, 450bT, 450bT1, 810, 850, 3850, 3852, 3470bT, 3810, 3811, 810bN
  Gen3 1600, 3200
  Gen4 None

Release 5.1 (12/15/2013)


  • Fixed possible problem with fsDeviceSetTimingOptions function


  • Fixed incompatibility with FS3852

Mil1394 Signal Monitor

  • Fixed minor issues in the Signals View

Release 5.1 beta1 (04/18/2013)


  • Mouse-wheel-controlled zooming and scrolling functionality

Mil1394 Signal Monitor

  • Fixed problem where counters in second frame recorded always incorrect
  • Show signals ordered on offset within message
  • Support for showing values in hexadecimal notation


  • Control multiple FireSpys in standalone Recorder Application (FS385x only)
  • Dock/undock functionality for Recorder Views