AS5643 Repeater - Extend your reach!

AS5643 FireRepeater allow to bridge longer distances.

FireRepeater Repeater

FireRepeater Repeater are intended to cover 1394 connections over distances where the required length exceeds the specified Mil1394 maximum cable length.

In DapTechnology's definition "Repeater" are devices that utilize the same connector type per channel (i.e. for "in" as well as out") and those connectors can be either IEEE1394, LEMO, D38999,.... This definition would extend to a configuration in which different connector types are used per channel within a multi-channel repeater. 
Be aware that DapTechnology refers a) to "Adapters" if the connectors per channel differs, or b) to "Converters" if the transport media (copper <-> optical) changes.  


Typical features

  • Copper (with transformers) or optical 1394 connections 
  • same connectors on all ports
  • 10 - 33V power Input
  • single- and multi-channel
  • extensive customization options


Part number

Typical Models

DapTechnology has also built a variety FireRepeater_Repeater models and the most common variants are listed below. But be sure that you consult with our sales experts for your specific needs. The FireRepeater line offers a large number of options with the most often inquired options listed on the Options tab for each FireRepeater type.


- 1-channel repeater
- 2 ports
- 2 D38999 A shell size with dustcaps
- external AC/DC power supply
- diecast aluminum enclosure with yellow enamel surface finish


- 4-channel repeater
- 2 ports per channel
- 4x2 D38999 A shell size with dustcaps
- external AC/DC power supply
- diecast aluminum enclosure with black powder coating


- 5-channel repeater
- 2 ports per channel
- 5x2 D38999 A shell size with dustcaps
- external AC/DC power supply
- 19" rack mountable enclsoure


- 1-channel repeater/hub
- 3 ports
- 3 D38999 A shell size 
- 12V AC/DC power supply
- milled aluminium with mounting flange


- 1-channel repeater/hub
- 5 ports
- 5 D38999 A shell size 
- 12V AC/DC power supply
- diecast aluminum enclosure with orange enamel surface finish

Customization Options

The following table lists various design options available for the various FireRepeater types. Please consult with our sales consultants on how an existing FireRepeater model can be modified using these options. Alternatively all FireRepeaters can be designed from scratch to meet your very specific needs. 

You can't find an option you are interested in? Please talk to our sales specialists, there is very high chance that we can help you even though a specific feature/option is currently not listed in the table below.