AS5643 Media Converter - Use different transport media!

AS5643 Converters offer flexible options to
change the connectivity medium from copper to optical.

FireRepeater Converter

FireRepeater Converters are intended to convert between differnt transport media.

In DapTechnology's definition "Converters" are devices that change the tranport media (e.g. copper <-> copper) and the connectors can be either IEEE1394, LEMO, D38999, LC, ... 
Be aware that DapTechnology refers to "Repeaters" (for same connector types) and "Adapters" (for different connector types) if the transport media remain unchanged.  

Converters are very useful when the required distance exceeds the length that can be covered with copper-based wiring. Then the conversion into optical makes sense.

An example is shown below. Here a device-under-test (DUT) has to be connected to a FireMatrix system (9 bus) with the DUT located within an EMI Testing Chamber. The distance was too much to be covered with copper wiring. Additionally, a quite typical requirement is that the media converter needs to be very close to the DUT and is physically located within the test chamber, requiring the Converter to leave no EMI footprint and be battery powered. 

Typical features

  • copper to optical conversion
  • single- and multi-channel
  • 10 - 33V power Input
  • extensive customization options


Part number

Typical Models

DapTechnology has also built a variety FireRepeater_Converter models and the most common variants are listed below. But be sure that you consult with our sales experts for your specific needs. The FireRepeater line offers a large number of options with the most often inquired options listed on the Options tab for each FireRepeater type.


- 3-channel media converter
- 2 ports per channel
- 3x LEMO (female, copper)
- 3x LC (GOF)
- external AC/DC power supply
- DIN rail mountable enclosure


- 4-channel media converter
- 2 ports per channel
- 4x LEMO (female, copper)
- 4x LC (GOF)
- rear-panel connector arrangement
- external AC/DC power suppply
- 19"-rack mpunt enclosure


- 4-channel media converter
- 2 ports per channel
- 4x LEMO (female, copper)
- 4x LC (GOF)
- external AC/DC power suppply
- diecast aluminum enclosure with yellow enamel surface finish


- 15-channel media converter
- 2 ports per channel
- 3x D38999 C shell size (copper)
- 1x D38999 (GOF)
- rechargable battery, charge level indicator
- EMI hardened enclosure (MIL-STD-461)

Customization Options

The following table lists various design options available for the various FireRepeater types. Please consult with our sales consultants on how an existing FireRepeater model can be modified using these options. Alternatively all FireRepeaters can be designed from scratch to meet your very specific needs. 

You can't find an option you are interested in? Please talk to our sales specialists, there is very high chance that we can help you even though a specific feature/option is currently not listed in the table below.