1394 and AS5643 connectivity solutions

Connectivity for the 1394 and AS5643 world!

High quality and reliable 1394 and AS5643
connectivity solutions for high speed and
avionics applications.

IEEE-1394 and AS5643 Connectivity Solutions

DapTechnology offers a series of powerful 1394 and AS5643 connectivity products. They range from cables and harnesses, to single- and multi-bus repeaters (copper-to-copper repeater (CCR) and extend to media converters (copper-to-optical repeater (COR). Many of these solutions are custom and built to meet very specific customer requirements. However, DapTechnology also offers several 1394 and AS5643 connectivity COTS products. 

Most of DapTechnology's cables and cable assemblies relate to specific products, i.e. they provide the adequate off-product 1394 and AS5643 connectivity as due to space constraints specialized connectivity has to be used. For example, 38999 connectors do not fit on a standard PCI or PMC bracket. Or due to the large number of connections special high-density connectors (VHDCI, SCSI2) or very small connectors (LEMO) have to be used on FireSpys, FireTrac, FireAdapter, etc.. DapTechnology provides the suitable cables to interconnect to other bus devices.

DapTechnology also builds special cables and harnesses for specific AS5643 requirements and needs. Please talk to us in order to see how you can benefit from our experiences and know-how in high-speed and signal-integrity-critical applications.

Mil1394 Cables & Harnesses

For its Mil1394 harnesases DapTechnology has qualified wires from W.L. Gore and is able to build suitable connector interfaces to your project. Please learn more about options in the section for cables and harnesses.

Cable Length

The most common usage scenario for repeaters is as a cable extension. As the length of cables for high-speed data transmission is limited a 1394 connection can only be extended by either using thicker wires or be adding a signal repeater. The latter is most effectively done via a physical layer device as it is the most effective form of signal reconditioning.

The following chart shows a summary of the relation of transmission speed, cable diameter and attainable length between nodes. For more details please refer to the SAE Standards and associated documentation.

Should the requirements exceed the permissable cable length and/or working with multiple repeaters is not feasible then converting the copper based cable extension into optical offers an alternative. Please see DapTechnology's MIL1394 Media Converter product(s).