• Summary

    FireGate IEEE-1394b
    PHY layer Core

    FireGate is a synthesizable IEEE-1394-2008 Beta PHY core and is architected to support data rates of S100 through S3200. It is fully IEEE-1394b compliant and supports all AS5643 requirements.

    Design features and benefits

    There are several advantages when using FPGAs to implement a complete 1394 I/O interface. Some of these are:

    • Standalone solution: The PHY IP can be combined with Link Layer IPs, creating smaller, compact solutions. Additional components can be added to create a System-On-Chip (SOC) solution.
    • Flexible number of ports: Commercially available PHY chips have a fixed number of ports which for small peripherals is often overkill. On the other hand, host adapters would likely benefit from 3 or more ports and a hub could even have more than that. For a PHY based on FPGA technology, the user can customize the number of ports as required.
    • Optional debug and test features: Optionally the user can include debug and test features like BERT (Bit Error Rate Test) Low level data monitoring and Recording
    • Field-upgradable: The used FPGAs are field upgradable thus allowing the addition new features or bug fixes, even if the device is already in the field.
    • Cost effective ASICS: Once a design is finalized an IP solution offers a very cost effective path to spinning a custom ASIC. 

    Key features

    • Complete IP solution supporting IEEE-1394b-2008 and AS5643
    • Support for speeds from S100 to S3200 *
      • Single-Speed Support (S100, S200, S400, ...)
      • Multi-Speed Support (S100 - S400, S800 - S3200)
    • Scalable number of PHY ports from 1 to 16
    • Integrated support for AS5643 (Mil1394) enhancements

    *) Depending on target technology

    Platform Availability

    DapTechnology supports its IP cores on a wide variety of FPGA families. At the moment of writing the following platforms are supported but please don't hesitate to contact us for the very latest information:

    • Xilinx (Spartan, Artix, Kintex, Virtex, Zynq, ...)
    • Altera (Cyclone)
    • MicroSemi (IGLOO2, Smartfusion2)


    Please contact DapTechnology directly to verify availability of specific functionality on your target platform!

    Reference system

    • A complete Xilinx S3200 reference system is available, including a 4-lane PCI-express host adapter, an S3200 1394 analyzer and a peripheral development board which can be used by the customer to develop their products.
    • DapTechnology is currently working on a reference system for low speed (S100/S200/S400) Xilinx as well as Microsemi platforms.
  • Details

    FireGate Details


    FireGate presents a fully IEEE-1394b-2008 compliant PHY Layer implementation. The main PHY layer related functional blocks ensure functional standards compliance as well as interoperability with off-the-shelf physical layer devices. The PHY/Link layer interface has been optimized for performance and deviates from the standardized PHY/LLC interface. FireGate is optimized to work with FireLink which also supports these enhancements. FireGate was not designed to be paired with off-the-shelf Link layer devices; it is intended to be used with FireLink or a custom Link Layer implementation.

    A key element of FireGate is its configurable PHY front end, i.e. the ability to customize several aspects of the PHY cable environment interface. During the configuration phase the total number of available PHY ports can be adjusted (max 16) and as well as the total number of PHY instances per FPGA device. Furthermore, the speeds supported by the PHY can be defined. The PHY speeds can be either predefined to support single network speeds (for example S100, S200, S400, ...). This reduces network speed negotiation times (only applicable if the entire network would use the same PHY). Alternatively, the PHY(s) can be configured to support speed ranges (e.g. S200 - S800) and limit the speed negotiation to those values).

    Additionally, the PHY also contains patented improvements over standard 1394 implementations. DapTechnology has been one of the very first companies to actively advocate such functionalities within PHY devices.

  • Media

    FireGate media files

    Product Image(s)

    Demo setup used for DapIP Cores. Setup successfully
    demonstrated video streaming at S3200 via a 10m 1394b cable.
    See the press release for more details.

  • Documents

    FireGate documentation


    FireESDK Embedded Development Kit Datasheet

    Download full FireESDK datasheet as a PDF


    Manual & Design Guideline

    Available under NDA only.
    Please send an email to sales(at)daptechnology.com for more information.

  • Sales

    FireGate sales info

    FireGate License Types

    FireGate NetList
    Development License

    Status: active
    Codes: ECCN: 3D991,  HST: N/A

    FireGate Source Code
    Development License

    Status: active
    Codes: ECCN: 3D991,  HST: N/A

    FireGate Deployment
    Deployment License

    Status: active
    Codes: ECCN: 3D991,  HST: N/A

    Warranty (IP)

    Standard: 12 months, limited.

    Options: Additional 1-year Support packages may be purchased.


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