AS5643 Repeater - Replace a missing node!

AS5643 FireRepeater offer great possibilities as
temporary node replacements.

FireRepeater LRU

FireRepeater LRUs are intended to function as "node replacements"

In that role LRUs work perfect in various steps of a integration project and can function as replacements for nodes that are not yet available or are in repair. Assume you are building a complex A&D system. And further assume that - while your system is already built - a single device is missing (not available yet or missing because of damage/repair/...). Depending on your network configuration that can result that some devices on your bus might no longer be connected to the rest. However, when using the repeater as a node replacement the bus integrity can be maintained on a physical level. Granted, the repeater will have no higher-level functionality but at least all nodes are still connected. In this case a pass-through connector configuration is not ideal and is better replaced with running multiple port connections through a single 38999 connector.

Typical features

  • Copper-based 1394 connections with transformers
  • 10 - 33V power Input
  • single- and multi-channel
  • extensive customization options


Part number

Typical Models

DapTechnology has also built a variety FireRepeater_LRU models and the most common variants are listed below. But be sure that you consult with our sales experts for your specific needs. The FireRepeater line offers a large number of options with the most often inquired options listed on the Options tab for each FireRepeater type.


- 1-channel repeater
- 3 ports
- D38999 B shell size with dustcaps
- 12V AC/DC power supply
- diecast aluminum enclosure with yellow enamel surface finish


- 1-channel repeater
- 3 ports
- D38999 B shell size with dustcaps
- 12V AC/DC power suppply
- Diecast aluminum, bottom mounting flange


- 3-channel repeater
- 3 ports per channel
- D38999 B shell size
- 12V AC/DC power suppply
- Diecast aluminum, bottom mounting flange

Customization Options

The following table lists various design options available for the various FireRepeater types. Please consult with our sales consultants on how an existing FireRepeater model can be modified using these options. Alternatively all FireRepeaters can be designed from scratch to meet your very specific needs. 

You can't find an option you are interested in? Please talk to our sales specialists, there is very high chance that we can help you even though a specific feature/option is currently not listed in the table below.