Cable Test

Please note that the FireSpy Scriptor scripts this page is referring to are included in the FireDiagnostics Suite installer as example scripts since version 6.0.9.

1. Configurations

If you only have one triple FireSpy® analyzer (FS3810 or FS3850) for the test, you can test one cable at a time. Proceed to step 2. If you have more than one FireSpy® analyzer for the test, you can:

  1. Configure two non-triple FireSpy® analyzers as a pair: proceed to step 3.
  2. Configure one triple FireSpy® analyzer as a server and up to three FireSpy analyzers as clients: proceed to step 4.

2. Cable test with one triple FireSpy Analyzer

This is the simplest way to test a cable since it requires only one triple FireSpy ®analyzer (FS3810 or FS3850) and one script.

Set up the analyzer so that the target cable is connected to two of three ports on the front of the analyzer. Start the FireSpy® application, open the Scriptor, and then open SingleCableTest.fss file. The Control Panel pane on the Scriptor window should look similar to the screenshot below.

Select two nodes of which the target cable is connected to and the speed. You might want to change the number of packets (defaulted to 50000) transmitted during the test.

3. Cable test with two non-triple FireSpy analyzers

You will need to dedicate one analyzer as a server and the other as a client. Start the FireSpy® application on both analyzers and load CableTestServer.fss and CableTestClient.fss in the Scriptor accordingly.

The client-side script has no controls: you will simply need to start the script.

On the server side script, however, you will need to setup the controls according to the analyzer type and cable settings you have. Since your server analyzer is a non-triple one, you only need to setup the transmission speed for Node A. After setting the number of packets to send, the script is ready to test the cable.

4. Cable test with more than one cable with a triple FireSpy analyzer

You can test more than one cable at the same time by utilizing one triple FireSpy® analyzer as a server and up to three client FireSpy® analyzers (or another triple, using all three nodes at the same time).

All settings are very similar to step 3 except that you need to enable Node B and/or Node C cable speed depending on the configuration you have. You will also need to load the CableTestClient.fss script file to each client FireSpy® analyzer and CableTestServer.fss to the triple analyzer.