1394 as AS5643 Interface cards

Interface Solutions OHCI compatible and much more!

The 1394 and AS5643 interface cards define new standards
for standard OHCI and Extended OHCI host connectivity
and set new standards for 1394 and AS5643 data I/O.

1394 and AS5643 Interface Cards

With FireTrac and FireAdapter Dap offers a series of powerful 1394 and AS5643 interface cards. They can be best differentiated by their host interface, i.e. Standard OHCI or Extended OHCI, as well as the usage of transformers for AS5643 Physical Layer compliance.

Standard OHCI

FireAdapter interface cards use standard OHCI host cennectivity. Therefore, the cards are supported by operating system with built-in OHCI support, but also by DapTechnology's own FireStack 1394 software stack.

The Open Host Controller Interface (OHCI) specification was developed in order to standardize how host computer software layers can communicate to I/O devices, in particular USB and IEEE-1394. It provides control registers as well as a powerful DMA data transfer mechanism for effective handling of large amounts of I/O data.

OHCI has been successfully deployed on OHCI-compliant Link chip sets. They allow to build OHCI-compliant PCI (and PCIe/PMC/CPCI/CPCIe) based host interface cards with standard silicon. Such cards are highly effective and industry tested.

Extended OHCI

FireTrac provides newely developed Extended OHCI functionality by which massively improves the support for AS5643!

DapTechnology extended the standard OHCI functionality in order to address certain limitations within the specification. The additional OHCI functionality also offers hardware support for the AS5643 protocol layer including its specific transmission timing requirements. We use our own FireLink Extended IP implementation which is fully OHCI compliant yet offers extra benefits referred to as Extended OHCI.

While standard implementations require significant host software support, the FireLink® Extended with the Mil1394 option can support this layer with significantly better timing as well as reduced host resource utilization. Examples of typical applications in aerospace & defense for the FireLink® Extended with Mil1394 option include command & control systems for space-based vehicles, missile guidance platforms, fighter aircraft flight control, as well as its implementation in avionics & IFE platforms for business and commercial aircraft.

For more information about the Extended OHCI functionality and FireLink® Extended please refer to the IP core section.

PMC & XMC - adaptable form factors

We have chosen the PMC & XMC form factor for some of our FireTrac and FireAdapter cards because of the flexibility we can provide this way. PMC and XMC mezzanine cards can be easily combined with carrier cards which themselves are available in various form factors and bus interfaces.

DapTechnology offers a series of PMC carrier cards for PCIe, PXIe, PCI and CPCI. Futthermore, we are adding more native form factors to the portofolio based on market demand.

Software Stack

All OHCI solutions are supported best by DapTechnology's software stack, i.e. FireStack®. It not only supports the standard OHCI functionality yet also takes full advantage of the extended feature set provided by OHCI Extended.

Transformer coupling

On select cards, active transformer coupling provides a physical level compliance with AS5643. The transformers provide protection from electrostatic pulses as well as improved signalling characteristics. This results in longer cable lengths, thinner wiring and a more robust physical layer interconnect.