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New FireAdapter3424bT/4424bT released!

DapTechnology announces its latest FireAdapter product release. The FireAdapter3424T and the FireAdapter4424bT are available immediatley.

Release of FireAdapter3465bT

Effective immediately DapTechnology replaces two new Mil1394 OHCI card. The FireAdapter3424bT (3-bus) and FireAdapter4424bT (4-bus) were designed as an upgrade of the PCI341bT using a modern PCI Express based host connectivity approach. Three (four) XIO2213B 1394b LLC chips are connected to a PCI Express switch. This concept allows using the latest PCIe based OHCI LLC technology and offer the benefits of a new design with regards to prolonged availability together with a proven track record.

Both cards are perfectly suited to work with FireStack, Dap's own IEEE1394 SW stack which is available for a variety of operating systems.