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DapTechnology releases 1394 Low-Level Symbol Recorder

(Nijmegen, The Netherlands, October 9, 2012) -- DapTechnology, a world-leading supplier of advanced IEEE 1394 technology solutions to the aerospace, defense, industrial, automotive and consumer electronics markets announced today the availability of the 1394 Low-Level Symbol Recorder module for their FireStealth Analyzer product line.

The 1394 Low-Level Symbol Recorder is a new mode of operation for FireStealth that enables capturing raw 1394 bit patterns in a non-intrusive way. Sophisticated software scans through these bit patterns and decodes all bits into low-level 1394 symbols and toning patterns. The new FireDiagnostics Suite module "Symbol Recorder" offers a user-friendly interface for downloading and analyzing captured data.

“Providing low-level 1394 data capture with our FireStealth analyzer is key for troubleshooting low-level bus problems”, says Jan de Vries, CEO of DapTechnology. Mr. de Vries adds, “The DapTechnology FireStealth Low-Level 1394 Symbol Recorder add-on is an indispensable tool for anyone building a 1394-based solution.”

Please refer to the documentation for more details.