COVID-19 Update

For the time being, it’s business as usual.

Here at DapTechnology, we have been closely following guidance from the government with regards to COVID-19. The purpose of this post is to update you, our customers, partners and contacts, on the steps we are taking to protect our staff and clients but also on the steps we are taking in order to keep our service levels as usual.

All of our non-production staff is working successfully from home. This generates the necessary physical space in our facilities to have the manufacturing team continue working as normal. As for right now we are able to meet acknowledged product delivery dates and we do not expect this to change anytime soon.

As for the rest of the team, we do not anticipate any disruption from the way we work from day to day. We have a continuity plan in place as well as the right systems to enable us to successfully work remotely for a sustained period of time. Our team can be reached as normal, via their email or phone and we will continue to use virtual meetings as we have been doing in the past.

We are in a good position to provide continued high level of customer support, product development and sales activities.

So, for the time being, it’s business as usual.