Capturing increasing AS5643 moment in Japan with new distribution partner Nacelle

DapTechnology announces a new distribution alliance in Japan with Nacelle Ltd. The goal is to capture market share in the growing Asian AS5643 momentum.

During the last 12 months several Asian A&D programs have stepped up their research and development activities involving the emerging avionics communication standard AS5643. Especially in Japan several programs are either evaluating or integrating AS5643 in their latest avionics platforms which comes as no surprise as Japan is modernizing its military aircraft inventory at an accelerated pace. DapTechnology wants to take an active part in this exciting development and - being a highly regarded vendor of state-of-the-art T&M solutions, AS5643 enabled IP cores as well as interconnectivity solutions - it is perfectly positioned to work with key industry players.

In order to position the sales channels for this exciting perspective DapTechnology is proud to announce a new distribution alliance for Japan. "We have signed on Nacelle Co. Ltd. based in Tokyo to better engage with customers and prospects in the avionics arena. We are thrilled about this new cooperation as Nacelle is a well-established and highly regarded partner for many aerospace programs. Together we will be a well-positioned force", says Jan de Vries, DapTechnology's owner and CFO. And Nobuyki Fujii, Nacelle's ower and CEO adds: "DapTechnology's 1394/AS5643 knowhow and compelling product offering as well as Nacelle's commitment to serving customers and our strive for customer satisfaction will create a win-win situation. Not only for our two companies but also for our valued customers and clients."

About DapTechnology B.V.:

DapTechnology, a company specializing in products, systems and solutions based on the IEEE-1394 and AS663 standards, is working closely with the standards development organizations, strategic industry partners and key customers to develop world-class IEEE-1394 and AS563 enabled products. DapTechnology B.V. and the US subsidiary DapUSA, Inc., based in Phoenix AZ, are owned by DapHolding B.V. headquartered in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

About Nacelle Co. Ltd.:

Nacelle, a trading company specializing the business in Aerospace and Defense industry, is located in Tokyo.
Nacelle has been providing high reliability products such as avionics data bus interface components and rugged computers to many Japanese defense programs for 20 years.