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    FireSpy® 3810/3410bT

    The Triple Series USB/Ethernet hosted FireSpy3810 and FireSpy3410bT provide three FireSpy bus analyzers in one compact package. Designed to meet the requirements of AS5643 based tri-redundant bus architectures, the FireSpy3x10(bT) allow the single FireSpy to be connected to three separate IEEE-1394 buses while connecting to three synchronized analysis engines. Based on our Gen2 hardware platform, the FireSpy3x10(bT) contain 1GB internal memory and a powerful processor to provide the resources needed to service all three buses. The USB2.0 and Ethernet host interfaces allow communication with the FireSpy to be 10 to 40 times faster than our Basic Series products.

    The FireSpy3x10(bT) bring out six active transformer-coupled ports, two from each bus analyzer, through a single high-density connector (VHDCI) to six IEEE-1394 Beta 9-pin cables. Additionally, they have three, one from each bus analyzer, IEEE-1394 Bilingual 9-pin connectors. For the FireSpy3410bT the AS5643/1 active transformer coupled ports can only operate at S200 and S400 Beta data rates, while the bilingual ports support S100, S200 and S400 Beta connections. For the FireSpy3810 the AS5643/1 active transformer coupled ports can only operate at S400 and S800 Beta data rates, while the bilingual ports support S100, S200 and S400 legacy connections and S400 and S800 Beta connections.

    The FireSpy3x10(bT) utilize the same FireDiagnosticSuite™ software as all other FireSpy bus analyzers. However, all bus analyzers are presented in a single GUI. FireDiagnostics Suite™ supports Windows™ Operating Systems. Additionally, the FireDiagnostics Suite API allows you to build your own control software using C/C++ or LabVIEW™.

    The seamless integration of the AS5643 protocol makes the FireSpy3x10(bT) the preferred tools for many Aerospace & Defense development tasks. DapTechnology has made considerable efforts to fully support the SAE AS5643 protocol in all major functional areas of the FireSpy3x10(bT) and continuously updates the analyzer functionality according to implementation requirements and ongoing standardization efforts.

    Key features

    • IEEE-1394-2008 and AS5643 compliant
    • Supported speeds depend on exact model:
      • FireSpy3810: one (1) Port (per bus) : S100-S400 Legacy and S400-S800 Beta, two (2) Transformer-coupled ports per bus (per bus) : S400-S800 Beta
      • FireSpy3410bT: one (1) Port (per bus) : S200-S400 Beta, two (2) Transformer-coupled ports (per bus) : S200-S400 Beta
      • FireSpy3410bT1: one (1) Port (per bus): S100-400 Beta, two (2) Transformer-coupled ports (per bus): S100-S200 Beta
    • Host connection to PC via USB 2.0 or Ethernet (10/100 BaseT) interface
    • Standalone operation using internal flash memory option
    • On-board 400 MHz RISC processor and programmable logic
    • 1GB internal memory
    • GUI and API for WindowsTM Operating Systems
    • 3 analyzer engines in one product
    • Enhanced Scriptor functionality for real-time monitoring and asynchronous packet generation
    • Powerful software provides:
      • Monitor
      • Recorder
      • Commander
      • Scriptor (programmable in C-like language)
      • Generator
      • Filter and Trigger
      • Mil1394 Signal Monitor
    • Support for AS5643, AV/C, SBP2, IP1394 and IIDC protocols
    • Internal SelfTest
    • C/C++ API with LabVIEWTM Wrappers

    Block Diagram

  • Specification

    FireSpy® 3810/3410bT specifications

    Dimensions: 125 mm x 48 mm x 209 mm
    Weight: 800 g
    Power Requirements: 12V, 10 Watt maximum
    Regulatory compliance: FCC Class A , CE

    USB2.0 Connector for host-computer

    3 IEEE1394 Connectors (bilingual)

    VHDCI Connector for 6x Transformer-coupled 1394 connections and AUX

    RJ45 Ethernet Connector




    Green LEDs for:
        USB connection, Power on, Ready, Trigger

    Red LEDs for:
         Record, Active

    Switches: Tumble switch for Power On/Off
    Part Number:

    FS381 (FS381AS5643 with AS5643 protocol)

    FS341bT (FS341bTAS5643 with AS5643 protocol)



    HST: 9030.40.00


    SW Add-on modules:





    SBP2 protocol software package

    IIDC protocol software package

    AV/C protocol software package

    IP1394 protocol software package

    AS5643 protocol software pack

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  • Sales

    FireSpy® 3810/3410bT sales info

    Package Contents

    • FireSpy3810/3410bT
    • Switching AC/DC Power Supply (12V, 5A)
    • USB Cable
    • 3x 1394b Cable (Beta - Beta)
    • Adapter Cable (VHDCI to 6x 1394Beta) 

    Delivery time

      Typically 2 weeks. Please contact sales(at)daptechnology.com for more detailed information.


        Standard: 36 months, limited.

        Options: Additional 1-year SW/FW Support packages may be purchased.


          All products will be supported on a 24 hours response basis and free of charge for the first 24 months. For support questions please contact: sales(at)daptechnology.com

          Of course you can also call us during our office hours from 9:00 until 17:00 hours (GMT +1:00). Contact Info


            Software updates are available for download during the support period of your FireSpy. Please enter the serial number on the Software Download page to see what is the latest version available.

            Once you have owned a FireSpy® for a long time at some point you may want to upgrade it to a later model. Should you want to know more about upgrade pricing and compatibility, please contact info(at)daptechnology.com.

            Educational purposes

            For those educational institutions that would like to use our high-specification IEEE-1394 analyzer for educational purposes only, we have a special discount offer. Our FireSpy® software which runs automatically in demo-mode without the use of a FireSpy® has great educational properties. This software can be used for free by everyone and is of great value for learning IEEE-1394. In order to obtain more details about this offer, please contact: sales(at)daptechnology.com

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              Please contact sales(at)daptechnology.com for current pricing.

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              • Software

                FireDiagnostics Suite

                The FireDiagnostics Suite is the most comprehensive collection of 1394 analysis, simulation and interface tools for a wide range of applications. Apart from well established and hardware assisted analyzer tools like Monitor, Recorder, Generator, Commander, Scriptor and Mil1394 Signal Monitor, the suite also offers a set of software tools designed to allow the integration of the FireSpy products in a wide variety of testing applications, as well as extend customization of its functionality beyond the baseline feature set provided by DapTechnology.

                FireSuite API

                The foundation for all software tools included in the FireDiagnostics Suite is formed by the Application Programming Interface (API). With its interfaces for a wide range of development environments using C/C++ or LabVIEWTM on WindowsTM Operating Systems, the application of FireSpy analyzers is extremely flexible. With its feature-rich function library, all hardware assisted analyzer tools like the Monitor and Recorder can be controlled as well as more low-level 1394 bus functions.

                Protocol Support

                A cornerstone of FireDiagnostics Suite functionality is the unparalleled level of support for high-level protocols. With IEEE-1394 being the basic data exchange mechanism application specific protocols for the PC & storage environment (IPv4, SBP2), consumer electronics (AV/C, HAVi), Automotive Infotainment (AMI-C), Industrial Imaging (IIDC) have been successfully deployed. In recent years AS5643 has been adopted for use within Aerospace and Defense and largely fueled the continuous growth of IEEE-1394.