transactions and packets pane

The right-most part of the Protocol View shows the sequence of all protocol packets and transactions found (including those for SBP). The order of items in this list corresponds to the order of recording. It is the same order as displayed in the Transaction View or Packets View of the Recorder. An example follows:




Note that the colors identify the type of access and are the same as used in the 'relations' pane (see above). All transactions and packets in this list that are not part of the protocol currently selected in the 'relation' pane are colored gray.

When an item is selected that consists of more than one packet or transaction, the items are highlighted in the 'transactions and packets' pane list with a gray bar (the selected item, which is also part of the item will still be highlighted with the usual selection color).

The example below corresponds to the examples in the 'Fields' and 'Layout' descriptions above. Thus the selected item consists of 8 transactions and the third transaction is selected.