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FireSpy® 1600

The FireSpy1600 is DapTechnology’s fastest version in the FireSpy IEEE1394 Data Analyzer product line. It was developed specifically to address the growing need for faster communication speeds.

The FireSpy1600 is a small, compact instrument that is equipped with 1 GB internal memory. However, the new high speed connectivity with the host PC allows for utilization of host memory for data capture.  The analyzer supports up to 1600 Mbps data speeds and is fully IEEE1394-2008 compliant. Multiple beta 1394b ports allow for convenient connection to the system under test.

The FireSpy1600 may be connected to a host computer via the PCI Express interface (cable). The graphical user interface is supported on Windows™7 and Windows™10 and has proven its unmatched capabilities in many years of FireSpy analyzer deployment.






3rd Generation Hardware

In order to support the higher speeds this new generation of 1394 bus analyzer has been completely rearchitectured. And the 1394 interface is entirely based on Dap’s Firewire IP solution FireCore™ which combines both the Physical as well as the Link Layer functionality in one IP block.

Key Feature

  • 1394b-2008 compliant
  • 800Mb and 1600 Mbps
  • Host connection via PCI Express x4
  • Uses host memory for data capture
  • Support for Windows 7 and Windows 10
  • three 9-pin Beta FireWire ports
  • Optional Bus Power @18W (12V, 1.5A) per port
  • Powerful software provides:

    • Monitor
    • Commander
    • Recorder (in development)
    • Generator (in development)
    • Support for IEC61883, AV/C, SBP2, IP1394 and IIDC protocols

  • Internal SelfTest
  • API with C/C++, LabVIEW and LabWindows interfaces (in development)

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