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HAC1600 PCIe Host Adapter (single channel)

The PCIe0161b is a typical example for this product line: It is the only host adapter card in the market with S1600 capabilities.  It incorporates DapTechnology’s innovative 1394 IP solution FireCore™ (i.e. the combined IP building blocks for LLC IP (FireLink®) and PHY IP (FireGateTM)) and thus allows for unmatched data speeds.

The new card works best in conjunction with Dap- Technology’s SW stack FireStack®. It features an innovative 1394 packet handler, whose objective is to reduce resource burden when receiving and transmitting 1394 packets. The consistent utilization of zero-copy operations greatly enhances the overall system performance. FireStack® provides memory buffers accessible by both the user application and the 1394 Link Layer DMA engine. FireStack® is available (or planned) for a variety of operating systems like WindowsTM7 and WindowsTM10, VxWorksTM, LabViewTM, Linux, etc. Please contact DapTechnology directly for availability.



Key Feature

  • IEEE 1394b-2008 compliant
  • Supports 800 & 1600 Mbps
  • two 1394 Beta ports (9-pin)
  • PCIe host bus connectivity
  • SW Support for various operating systems

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